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Trader Copy Dax


Copy Dax

About the Trader:

Meet Yuri, a former institutional trader from Ukraine who lost his position due to the ongoing conflict. Undeterred, Yuri chose to channel his unparalleled skills and become a trading mercenary on Roboforex!

If Yuri continues on this trajectory, he's destined to break into the top 5 Roboforex strategies in no time. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your investment portfolio – join Yuri and experience the remarkable returns he delivers!

Performance Statistics

Why Choose Yuri's Investment Strategy?

  • Impressive Track Record: Yuri boasts a proven track record on myFXbook, showcasing his ability to deliver outstanding results in a short period. With a staggering 75% profit in just 2 months, you can trust Yuri to grow your investment.

  • Exceptional Risk Management: Yuri's investment strategy features a maximum drawdown of only 1%, demonstrating his remarkable risk management skills. This low drawdown means your investment is well-protected even during market downturns.

  • High Expected Returns: With an ambitious target of +20% per month, Yuri's investment strategy offers the potential for significant returns, making it an attractive option for investors seeking to grow their wealth rapidly.

  • Expert Manual Trading: Yuri's expertise as a former institutional trader shines through in his manual trading strategy. His in-depth market knowledge and keen trading instincts allow him to make well-informed decisions, positioning your portfolio for success.

  • Fair Revenue Sharing: Yuri's investment strategy comes with a 35% revenue-sharing model, ensuring that both you and Yuri benefit from the exceptional returns generated. This aligns Yuri's interests with yours, motivating him to perform at his best.


Click on open an account


- Click on the green button above:

"Click Here to subscribe on RoboForex"

- You will arrive on this page.

Click on "Open an account"


Fill in your basic information

  • email

  • first name

  • last name

- And click on "I have the Partner's code"


Enter the code gtld


Enter the code: gtld

Check the first three boxes.

And click on "Register"


Now check your Email


Make sure you have received it and click on the confirmation link you have received.

Check your spam if the email doesn't appear in your main box.


Go back to the broker's page and click on "+Add account"


- Go back to the broker's page and click on "+Add account"

- You create the account that will be used to deposit your first deposit and start trading automatically.


Create an account following EXACTLY these criteria:


-Trading platform: MetaTrader 4

-Account Type: MT4 Pro Currency: USD Leverage: 1:1000


-Password: create your password


-Confirm your password:


-Affiliate code: gtld


Then enter your address and confirm


Your account is now created! You can make your first deposit.

-Click on "Deposit Funds"


Choose your deposit method


-Choose VISA / Mastercard payment


-Choose the deposit amount.

-Choose to pay in the currency of your bank account (USD/ Euro/ AED...) otherwise the payment will fail.


-Enter your phone number.


-Click on "Deposit Funds"


-Enter your credit card information.

-Click on "Pay"


-If the payment was successful, this page will be displayed.

-Click on "Back to the shop" to return to the site.


-If the payment failed, click here for other payment options:


If the payment was successful, you now need to connect your account to the copy-trading system for your money to start working.

-Click on this link:

You will arrive on this page:


Make sure the account on the right is the one you deposited into.


Otherwise, click on the double white arrow to the right of the account number to change accounts.

(Please note, a minimum deposit of $500 is required to register for this strategy.)

- Click on "Customize manually" to choose your risk level.

By default, the risk ratio is set to 1.00


But you can increase the risks and profits. At most, you can go up to 8.00.

-Click on "send request" to confirm.

To add more deposit, repeat the step 7 and 8 be sure to choose the same account.

You're done, Congratulation! The trades will begin soon.


Following of performance and withdrawing of profits

Each business day, you will receive an email (check your spam) with the detail of all the trades passed and the profits or losses of the day.

For example this day, Our client earned 318$.

Withdraw your profits and/or funds:

-To withdraw your profits, go to the "Funds" section


-then "Withdraw Funds."


-For the withdrawals, you can directly send the money back to the credit card used for deposit.

Crypto and other deposit methods


-If the payment has failed, try using different payment cards.

If you want to test other FIAT payment methods, go back to the Roboforex broker. Click on "Accounts"


Or if you want to make your deposit in crypto, click directly on this link:


-Then click on "Deposit" on the account you just created: (in this screenshot, there is already $106.65 in my balance, which is because the first transfer was successful)

-You can then test various deposit methods until you find one that works for you.

Deposit in Crypto

For a crypto deposit, use AdvCash.

For this, it takes place in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an AdvCash account

  2. Fund it, either through crypto or with your credit card

  3. Initiate the transfer between AdvCash and RoboForex

1. Creating the AdvCash account

For the creation of the AdvCash account, there is nothing special, it's a classic account creation.

2.Funding the AdvCash account

In the main menu of AdvCash, click on Deposit Funds

Once on the deposit screen, enter the amount to deposit, the currency (remember to put EUR), and choose your deposit method: Credit card, Bank transfer, or Crypto. Be careful, each method has a percentage of fees and a processing time.

For the example, we will select a deposit in BNB of €150, so we will click on DEPOSIT, on the corresponding line.

A confirmation screen will show the amount to deposit, and then click on CONFIRM.

AdvCash will show you the exact amount to send to the specified address. Once transferred, click on "I HAVE PAID".

Be careful, make your transfer in one go and within 15 minutes.

Once the transaction is validated, you will have the following confirmation:

Your AdvCash account is now credited with €150. You can now return to Roboforex to initiate a transfer to Roboforex.

3.Transfer between AdvCash and Roboforex

After clicking on Deposit, click on AdvCash, then enter an amount (here 100 euros). Then click on "Deposit Funds":

A confirmation request will ask you to validate this deposit. Again, click on "Deposit funds"

From there, you will be redirected to the AdvCash website. After logging in, AdvCash asks for a deposit confirmation. All you have to do is click on CONTINUE

AdvCash may ask you for email confirmation, in which case, DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW. We will come back to it later.

Open your mailbox and follow the instructions by clicking on CONFIRM in the email.

AdvCash will confirm if everything went well.

Return to the window you left open, then click on CONFIRM. You should finally have confirmation that your deposit went through:

By clicking on CONTINUE, you will return to the Roboforex website, which will confirm that the deposit is indeed credited to the account.

If something doesn't work, contact the support:


If the deposit was successful, continue setting up your account here:


This is not financial advice. CTRADING do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. 

Warning: You should not invest unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested plus any commission or other transaction charges. Do not trade or invest based what is presented on this channel. Always do your own research and due diligence before investing or trading. This channel will never recommend for you to buy, sell, long or short any asset, commodity, security, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument as it’s extremely high risk. You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any investment related product.

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